Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 9.10.36 AMTHE FOODIE MOVEMENT is our cultural obsession.

Today we don’t eat to live, we live to eat. Yelp shows us the best cross-town eateries with constructed stacks of culinary art. We share our hunger inducing feasts on Instagram. Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmerman, and the winner of Top Chef are icons. Sport is now who can bake the best cupcake in 30 minutes or less, the loser of Cupcake Wars: Battle Royale, Season 7 in tears.

Walking through the big screen section of Target the other day, I saw an infomercial on how to take better pictures…of your food [“Put the chicken by the candlelight to highlight the juiciness of the meat…and angle the camera so it’s the star of the picture!]

Localvore. Omnivore. Organic. Pescatarian. Vegan. Vegetarian. Lacto vegetarian. Lacto ovo vegetarian. Raw….they’re almost like different denominations! Organic tastes better/is safer than processed. Allergies limit choices. A healthier diet is important to losing weight. All valid reasons to be purposeful with food. But the foodie movement obsession seems to be more than just a cultural phenomena about health, creativity, sport, and community. There’s something about it that seems…beyond that.

Maybe it’s also about spirituality. Perhaps the foodie movement could also be a metaphor for the real life spiritual hungering and thirsting of the human soul. What if our obsession with clean food and feeding our voracious, unsatiable food porn appetites are our soul’s way of longing for spiritual purity and true spiritual food?

“I am the living bread that came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever.” [Jesus, John 6:51a]