Social media reminds us hourly that moving, even stunning pictures can be taken by everyone. Everywhere. All of the time. It’s a better visual world. And a worse one.

The photographic images we share aren’t just pictures of sunsets and family vacations anymore. Today we share “everything going on under the sun” [Ecclesiastes 1] in images that are tools for good or weapons for bad, even the absurd. The digital pictures we share today evoke in us feelings of connection, joy, awe and love, but also feelings of pride, jealousy, overload, need and lust in our free for all “in those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit” [Judges 21] visual postmodern world.

The images we capture don’t just happen. We also curate them in a “take 6 pictures to get just the right one-but not too posed-at just the right angle-no photo bomber- yes (!) that’s a great one everyone will like” culture.

The bible is full of images that bring life to the right brain side of our souls. Solomon said that joining with a prostitute is like “carrying fire” and “walking on hot coals” resulting in us getting burned [Proverbs 6]. The prophet Nahum compares the cowardice of evil rules to grasshoppers and locusts taking flight at sunrise [Nahum 3]. The Apostle John compared heaven to a foodie banquet [Revelation 19, the ultimate food image!].

Our upcoming church art show PRAYTOGRAPHY is the shutter and the scriptures coming together for good. We invite all photographers – young and old, experienced and novice – to share the power of the photographic images they capture to express truth, explore difficult questions of life and spirituality, and ultimately to glorify God.

PRAYTOGRAPHY will be on Sat, Nov. 21st & 28th at the East West Bank building in Cerritos, Ca. The night will be a gallery exhibit of everyone’s photographic works, live music, interactive prayer and photography experiences, food, and an open invitation to journey with our church community as we explore what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. For more info [] check out the home page blog [guidelines for photography submissions on the Google Docs link]. Hope you can join us!