IMG_7119submitting (def.) | it takes being filled with the Holy Spirit [Eph. 5:18] for our sinful human nature to have the will to voluntarily submit to others.

family (def.) | wives submitting to husbands with respect [Eph. 5:22;33] sanctifies him. husbands submitting to wives through love that is “sacrificial” [Eph. 5:25], “purifying” [Eph. 5:26] and  “cherishing” [Eph. 5:29] is glorying to God | 8,000 verses total in New Testament, < 250 verses on the nuclear family, > 2000 verses on the church as the new “family of God”.

parenting (def.) | bringing children up in the “discipline and instruction of the Lord” [Eph. 6:4] has as much to do with modeling as it has to do with the actual discipline and instruction.

workplace (def.) | story of submitting attitude [Eph. 6:5-9] @ work today (11/4) and how the Lord blessed: I showed up to work this morning and was told it was actually a half day afternoon assignment, which paid half-day, not full day. Instead of a bad attitude over employer’s miscommunication, lost pay or 4 hours dead time, I went to the lounge and trusted God had a plan for the next four hours and the money was not important in the big picture. A few minutes later, the secretary came in and said they unexpectedly had another worker cancel and this new replacement job would now be for a full day + overtime + an extra job for tomorrow. God can work/bless when we have a submissive attitude to the authorities above us @ work.