social media : “your happiness is one click away. jim and joy met one yr. ago after they filled out our online profile. they got married last month. they are living the dream. this could be you.”

aziz ansari : “a century ago people would find a decent person who lived in their neighborhood. their families would meet and, after they decided neither party seemed like a murderer, the couple would get married and have a kid, all by the time they were 22. today people spend years of their lives on a quest to find the perfect person, a soulmate.” – Modern Romance

jennifer lawrence : “i don’t know if i ever will get married. and i am okay with that. i don’t feel like i need anything to complete me. I don’t really plan on getting married. i might. i definitely want to be a mother.” – cnn.com

church : “just focus on being the right person 1st. don’t be too picky and wait too long. i don’t have any single friends anymore for you. be at peace with where God has you. save sex until marriage. i will pray for you.”

which is the most helpful/true? do we in the church see singleness as something that can be noble, or as something…else?