Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 4.06.48 AM4 ADVENT REFLECTIONS re: joseph/mary • shepherds • wise men:

joseph (luke 2:1-7) : we can trust God as one who keeps his promises. joseph taking mary to bethlehem to give birth to Jesus was the fulfillment of biblical prophecy made 600-800 yrs. earlier (isaiah 7:14; jeremiah 23:5; micah 5:2)

mary (luke 1:26-38, 2:6,7) : her virgin birth was the genesis of our access to the holiness of God thru Jesus. two mistakes made re: mary –  1.) worshiping/praying to her as a modern dispenser of God’s grace (rather than the recipient of grace), 2.) believing her virgin birth was not necessary to the holiness and character of Jesus.

shepherds (luke 2:8-20) : don’t we all long to have the “joyful haste” the shepherds had? to have the sense of wonder and urgency to be a part of what God is doing?

wise men (matthew 2:1-12) : weird if your birthday came and everyone came to the party to give gifts not to you but…to each other? the wise men gave gifts to Jesus.