THE GENEALOGY OF JESUS CHRIST, LIKE STAR WARS, is a collection of both good and bad people.

Some of the genealogy of Christ from Matthew ch. 1 includes:

(Bad) : Tamar (prostitute, liar), Jechoniah (evil king)

(Bad/Good) : Rahab (prostitute/liar but helped God’s people conquest of Jerecho), Manasseh (idolatrous, murderous king who repented)

(Good/Bad) : Abraham (Father of Israel, caught in lies),  Ruth (faithful, but of pagan descent), Hezekiah (godly kind of Judah, struck illegal treaty with Egypt)

(Good) : Boaz (good, right & just judge according to O.T.  & Talmud), Josiah (king od Judah who followed God’s Word and restored worship)

Good, bad and everyone in between. We look at people that way.

The Christmas story: God doesn’t. God doesn’t distinguish between good and bad people in terms of who needs to be saved. That’s why Jesus was born at Christmas. Both good people (Joseph/Mary) and bad people (Shepherds/Magi) then, and good and bad people now (us) – we’re all sinners. Jesus was born in holiness thru a virgin to live a holy life to die a cursed death to be resurrected in power to offer forgivness and eternal life to all – good and bad people alike who trust and follow him. Hard as it is to imagine, we’re all no different from each other in that respect.

“…and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.” [Matt. 1:21]