In that respect, Jesus is really no different than most of the world’s religions available to you today. All say love is central to your soul.

But what makes Jesus unique is how he loved and how he makes that love available to you and I.

In his encounter with the disciples in John ch. 13 & 14, he revealed that God is our servant (!). He washes our feet (i.e. our souls) clean. He does this amidst knowing the betrayal/denial/abandonment/disbelief coming his way at the hands of his own disciples. He is concerned about their loving one another when they should be the ones comforting him as he prepares to go to the cross. He promises he will send to them the Holy Spirit, who will make his truths and their love for one another and for him possible.

Think about that. In this one encounter in John 13 & 14, we see the human heart clearly apart from Jesus. We are prone to selfishness (the disciples didn’t offer to wash Jesus’ feet). We need his direct spiritual help (the indwelling Holy Spirit) to love one another the way God wants. We side with the disciple’s experience of betraying/denying/abandoning/disbelieving Jesus, sometimes at a moments notice.

And yet Jesus, knowing all of this in advance, reveals that God is merciful and patient and loving for those who believe. But sometimes people don’t want Jesus to wash their feet (i.e. souls). Maybe letting Jesus wash your soul carries with it the fear that becoming his servant means you’ll be serving others who are dirty.

For those of us to do chose Jesus, if you want to be more like Jesus the road to becoming more loving isn’t after we’ve gotten the things we want from God. What if we were to see servanthood in the midst of the self-centeredness of the human heart (ours and others) as the way to be more like him? What if we were to embrace/celebrate loving God/others when they are less than…what we expect? What if this was God’s way of making us more like the person He envisioned us to be?¬†What if that was the true way of Jesus?

Would it be worth it?