Come join us for CITIZEN, a series of gatherings (Artesia/Cerritos/Long Beach) exploring the space between faith and culture [Phil. 3:20; 2:15]. Each gathering will consist of speakers, Q & A, community dialogue and closing reflections on how the night’s topic intersects with biblical faith.


(OCT.) YR. 2045: THE FUTURE OF WHAT IT MEANS TO BE HUMAN – By 2045, our world will be both a fantastic and frightful place. Advances in biotech, nanotech, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, etc. will redefine our concepts of aging, disease, intellect, recreation and innovation in ways that will challenge our current notions of human identity and capacity. What kinds of conversations are tech futurists having today as they look out, 20 to 30 yrs. into our futures? What role does spirituality play into this future, specifically the belief that people are made in the image of God with an eternal soul?  SPEAKERS: TBD TIME: 7-8:45 PM WHERE: TBD. All CITIZEN events are free and open to the public.

… + upcoming CITIZEN events on: the health/wellness movement, faith in the sports arena, the missional family, social media and it’s effect on our definitions of community + more (TBA soon)


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(WEDS, MAY 3RD) SOCIAL JUSTICE – Panel discussion with those who have devoted themselves to serving the poor/oppressed. What should we seek to change, the heart or the system? What succeeded in helping vs. hurting those we serve? What role does faith and spirituality play in seeing people and situations from God’s perspective? SPEAKERS: Caroline Freer (Servants Asia), Richard Parks (USC School of Social Innovation), Lilly Tokuyama (Share & Do Good) TIME: 7-8:45 PM WHERE: Share & Do Good in Long Beach (map). All CITIZEN events are free and open to the public.

(MON, MAY 8TH) DEPRESSION/SUICIDE & HOPE – Depression & suicide issues have touched most of us in some way, either directly or through someone we know. To what extent does medicine offer solutions? How would we counsel those struggling in a way that offers hope and healing? Do God and the scriptures offer any help? SPEAKERS: Jenn Chen (PsyD), Jason Ho (M.D.), Tim St. John (ACBC), TIME: 7-8:45 PM WHERE: East West Bank in Cerritos (map) park @ underground parking @ Royal Garden restaurant. All CITIZEN events are free and open to the public. Powerpoint (link)

(WEDS, MAY 17TH) THE FOOD MOVEMENT – Food is spiritual. The table brings us together. The ingredients either heal or poison our bodies. Our treatment of animal/sea/plant life affects our planet. Constructed stacks of deliciousness are an idol to be worshipped. It raises moral issues of who gets to live and who dies of starvation. Food has become such a powerful symbol in our culture. But it is also a metaphor for who God is and the blessing of heaven. What does today’s foodie movement have to say about today’s spirituality? Why was food a metaphor for Jesus himself and an important centerpiece for the gathering of God’s people? SPEAKERS: Brandon Fujii (O.C. Foodlist), Courtney Toya (RD), Pastor Chris Fukunaga TIME: 7-8:45 PM WHERE: Solid Coffee Roaster in Cerritos (map). All CITIZEN events are free and open to the public.

(THURS, JUNE 1ST) THE WORKPLACE – How do we find meaning/joy in our vocations? What happens when the workplace produces ethical conflicts for you? What does it look like to live faithfully in whatever work we find ourselves in? Come hear various prospects from those who work in politics, art, business, the military and other fields as they share personal experiences living out their faith in the workplace. SPEAKERS: Various speakers from various professions TIME: 7-8:45 PM WHERE: Solid Coffee Roasters/Cerritos (map). All CITIZEN events are free and open to the public.

(MON, JUNE 12TH) THE HUMAN SIDE OF CANCER AND (IM)MORTALITY – Every one of us, in some way, has been touched by cancer. This night will explore the human struggle, doubt, pain, loss and hope that the journey of cancer evokes as well as a Christian perspective on life and mortality. Come hear the testimonies of a doctor, a social worker, cancer survivors, and a pastor as they share the human toll and/or spiritual strength they experienced when this disease entered their lives and the lives of those around them.  SPEAKERS: Dr. Saro Armenian (Pediatric Oncologist, City of Hope), Natalie Gorbunoff (LCSW, City of Hope), Jennifer Sentani/Peter Lam (cancer survivors) TIME: 7-8:45 PM WHERE: East West Bank in Cerritos (map) park @ underground parking @ Royal Garden restaurant. All CITIZEN events are free and open to the public.


(WEDS, JUNE 21ST) A POST-CHRISTIAN SPIRITUAL CULTURE & THE CHURCH – The fastest growing spiritual group in America is not Christianity, Catholicism or Islam. It is those who would classify themselves as the “nones” or “I’m spiritual and a good person, I’m just not into traditional religion”. How do we understand this mashup spiritual culture? Are we living in a time where “in those days (Israel) had no king, everyone did as he saw fit.” (Judg. 21:25)? What is driving the “I’m spiritual and good, I’m just not into traditional religion” movement? What voice should followers of Jesus have in a post-Christian spiritual world now largely defined by Gen-Xer’s and Millenials?   SPEAKER: Pastor Chris Fukunaga TIME: 7-8:30 PM WHERE: Solid Coffee Roasters in Cerritos (map). All CITIZEN events are free and open to the public.

(THURS, JULY 27TH) HOMELESSNESS – The current homeless situation in L.A. is at it’s bleakest in perhaps the past half-century. Come hear a panel of chaplains and program graduates from the Union Rescue Mission off Skid Row on how their 125 yrs. old mission addresses issues of grace, healing, reconciliation, love, hope and the gospel to the most hurting among us. SPEAKERS: Chaplains from the Union Rescue Mission (Skid Row) + program graduates TIME: 7-8:45 PM WHERE: Made by Millworks in Long Beach (map). All CITIZEN events are free and open to the public.