(def.) from the FIRST to the THIRD Day – The FIRST Day ends in loss, corruption, death. The SECOND Day wanders through the spaces between doubt/disillusionment and questions. The THIRD Day promises life/forgiveness/wonder. from the FIRST to the THIRD Day will explore the real life stories and struggles of people whose lives have been ruined, challenged and found in the life/death/resurrection of Jesus Christ.


PROJECT GUIDELINES: Each participant will have 3 – 7 min. to share a “creative testimony” of how a theme in their life has related to the FIRST Day theme (crucifixion @ loss/corruption/death > forgiveness) or the SECOND Day theme (doubt/disillusionment/questioning) or the THIRD Day (resurrection @ hope/new life). The creative testimony must be both a.) creative and b.) real life testimony i.e. it must use an original creative vehicle (ex. spoken word/fashion/graphic arts/dance/music/vid/photography/etc.) that helps convey a real life theme/story of the person presenting. The creative testimony must relate to and chose only one of either the FIRST Day or the SECOND Day or the THIRD Day themes, not all three. Within the 3 – 7 min. time frame, the presenter should ideally combine one-part creative expression of their chosen theme + one-part verbal explanation of their theme.

Example steps:

#1.) chose either a FIRST, SECOND or THIRD Day theme (not all three) that best relates to the story you want to tell from your life.

#2.) select a scripture that explains your theme.

#3.) identify a creative vehicle to express your theme.

#4.) determine how you will best express creatively your theme v.s. verbally explain your message within the 3 – 7 min. timeframe.

#5.) communicate your chosen theme/creative vehicle to cynthia@citybible.church as soon as you have decided

#6.) (note: non-live performance submissions under the project guidelines will also be accepted and be displayed the night of as an alternative option)


DATE: SAT. MAR. 31st 




CONTACT: cynthia@citybible.church