future (def.) : what we’re hoping God does next through our church

> prayer meetings of 50 people

> new people become disciples of Jesus Christ

> a facility for a morning service is identified

> a gospel choir is started

> missionaries are sent out to Asia/Europe/Latin America/Africa

> we see a gospel presence in the Little India community

> men are raised up for the pastorate

> a youth ministry is started

> original films/worship songs/art shows reflecting the journey of our church are created

> joining a small group is seen as normal for 99% of the church

> a daughter church is planted

> we can offer biblical/Christ-centered counseling by trained lay counselors

> the poor in fellowship with the rich, different races embraced through the gospel, the old and the young leading the church together

> people discover their unique gifting and ministry in the body of Christ for the glory of God

> other believers who have a sense of urgency are drawn to our church

> we become a church that lives by an impossible faith, an enduring hope and an extraordinary love