THE JOURNEY AHEAD is rooted in an ancient text.

Life today is complex. So many of us are searching, skeptical, at times desperate, groping for answers to life’s most difficult questions. We hope that someone, somewhere, has written something that can somehow help us deal with…everything. What if re/discovering God in a world of “multi-this” and “post-that” and “speedy-it-up-or-I’m-not-with-it” is the most important thing you can do for your soul > yr. 2017/2018?

Like Jesus, but not church? Or the idea of church-like community, but not Jesus? “I’m spiritual, I’m just not religious” the current wind of today’s spirituality? That’s the voice of a godless culture attempting to conform the human soul. That’s not from God. His followers are counter-culture. They root their faith, hope and love in the truth of the scriptures. They discover, together. Our 2 yr. long Sunday series will re/introduce us to life w/God through the gospel of Jesus Christ from O.T to N.T.

JOIN US for a 2 yr. journey unlike any other. Genesis to Revelation. Origins to endings. 2017/2018. City Bible Church @ 4 PM on Sundays. Dinner afterwards. < Scripture Journey 2017/2018 >



(11/3) Acts 16 DWNTWN project ✞ 🌆

⌚️: 10 AM | where: JEMS building (map) | details: Come join us as pray over the city + start a new Sun. morn. worship service in 2018 | contact: