Sunday worship service for DTLA/Little Tokyo & Cerritos broadcast @ 10 AM @ our City Bible Church Facebook page (here) & our City Bible Church YouTube channel (here). Sm. grps. & prayer gather weekly.


1.) SUN. SERVICES – Sunday services will start alternating between DTLA/Long Beach area (note: Cerritos East West Bank still unavailable to us). Potential parking lot service on Sat. mornings @ JEMS @ 10 AM (with Sun. online service to follow the next day) starting Sat. 6/13 / Sun. 6/14 (TBD). Elders in discussion re: future gatherings taking into account: safety of congregation, obedience to governing officials, needs of congregation and specific local context in L.A. County.

2.) ZOOM WEDS. PRAYER GATHERINGS & 1-1 PRAYER CALL @ CHURCH – All small groups will be on a rotation to join our Weds. nite prayer Zoom nights.  We’re also asking everyone to call one other person in the church this week and ask them the following questions: “How are you doing?” and “How can I be praying for you?”

3.) SCRIPTURE READINGS – continue to read through the books of James, 1 Peter, 2 Peter and Acts 8-20 as we go through our series “the church as DIASPORA” on Sundays.

4.) SERVING – write an original song that reflects your/the church’s spiritual journey @ the coronavirus event (contact: Garron),  praise/worship participants (contact: Garron), those who have tech abilities in the area of videography, video editing, audio, lighting (contact: Pastor Chris), on-line or in person fellowship ideas that observe outside social distancing protocols (contact: sm. grp. leader)

5.) GIVING – We praise our Lord for your faithful giving @ City Bible Church and also to the Galatians 6:9,10 Fund to help those most in need/vulnerable during the coronavirus event. We encourage everyone to pursue godly stewardship through giving that is faithful, generous and sacrificial.

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